The Coronavirus Crisis shows that Brexit is needed now more than ever

As our country braces for the unprecedented crisis caused by Covid-19, as thousands are expected to suffer in tragic circumstances, and as many more come to terms with the economic hardships caused by the pandemic, we can take comfort in the sacrifices being made by our compatriots and the genius of the British spirit in weathering the Coronavirus storm.
All over Britain we’ve seen people staying at home to stop the spread of the virus, we’ve seen people help each other and volunteer in droves for the NHS. It’s clear that there is much to be proud of in this amazing country. As Her Majesty The Queen aptly commented, “those who come after us will say the Britons of this generation were as strong as any”.
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Britain’s very own Imperial College in London is at the forefront of modelling and advising much of the world on how the virus is spreading and how to slow the infection rate. At the time of writing Professor Neil Ferguson remarked that there are early signs of the social distancing measures put in place by Prime Minister Boris Johnson has started to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.
The NHS has been phenomenal during this pandemic, British doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals working despite the dangers of these times shows us how to put others before ourselves. These patriots are fighting the fight in the warlike times we find ourselves in. And it is of course thanks to our frontline medical staff that our Prime Minister may soon, we hope, return to his job leading our Nation.
Britain has indeed come together as a Nation ought to, to fight the virus. On the other hand, one just needs to take a cursory glance across the English Channel to see how our former ‘partners’ in the European Union are handling the pandemic: they’re fighting amongst themselves and struggling to get help to where it needs to be.
While EU members are confused as to how to tackle the coronavirus pandemic economically, our sovereign nation stands tall fighting the virus in a truly British way. Germany, the Netherlands and their allies within the Eurozone are pushing back against a stimulus package for the European economy. So much for solidarity within the European Union! Will 2020 finally be the year of the European Union’s unravelling?
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The coronavirus has exposed the flaws of the Eurozone and the EU project, whereas we have been quick to act by bringing in policies to keep our economy strong. The Conservative government is helping businesses, the self-employed, and salaried workers keep afloat in these truly horrendous times. The stark contrast between how the EU is doing damage control and how Britain is being pro-active in tackling the pandemic shows any sensible Brit that Brexit is needed now more than ever.
The Pandemic has shown that being a sovereign, independent nation has given us the upper edge. Boris Johnson and his government have put in place measures that will avert a financial crisis and will strengthen our hand when the negotiations resume. Coronavirus may have slowed the process of leaving the EU for good, but it has shown us even more clearly why we must be Independent, Sovereign and take back control.